Concrete & Masonry Equipment - Powered

If you need powered concrete or masonry equipment, we have many different items available.  From concrete buggies to grinders, mixers, or trowels, we can help you get your concrete or masonry job done.


Please call ahead before you plan to rent; not all equipment is available at all locations.

Concrete Equipment - Powered
Buggy, Two-Wheel, "Georgia Buggy":
Amida PB16
Miller MB16
Stone SB1600
Wacker WB69AF
Grinder, Concrete, Single-Head:
Edco 2EC
Stone CG100 Crete Mower
Mixer, Concrete:
Electric, 2 CM
Gas-powered, 6 cubic feet
Gas-powered, 9 cubic feet
Mixer, Mortar:
6 cubic feet, 1 - 1 1/2 bag
8 cubic feet, 2 bag
10 cubic feet, 3 bag
Planer, Concrete / Asphalt:
Cold planer, 16", attachment for skid steer loaders
Power Screed, Vibratory:
Screed King
Vibra Strike
Saw, Concrete Cutting:
Self-propelled, 65 HP
Walk-behind, 8 HP
Walk-behind, 10 HP
Walk-behind, 16 HP
Cart for hand-held saw, w/tank
Abrasive & diamond blades available
Saw, Concrete Chain:
Hydraulic, 19"
Trowel Machine:
36", gas-powered
46", gas-powered
Blades for trowel machine
Vibrator, Concrete, Flexible Shaft, Electric:
6' - 9' shaft
10' - 15' shaft
20' shaft



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