Lawn & Garden / Outdoor Equipment

Planting a garden?  Cutting up firewood for winter?  Or do you just need to mow your yard and trim around your property?  We have the equipment you need for all your lawn & garden and outdoor needs.


Please call ahead before you plan to rent; not all equipment is available at all locations.


Pull-type for garden tractor
Hedge Trimmer:
Lawn Edger:
Lawn Mower:
Commercial-type walk-behind
Push mower
Limb Chipper:
6", 9" or 12"
Log Splitter:
20 - 35 ton, capacity of up to 18" logs, towable
Miscellaneous Lawn & Garden Equipment:
Blades for weed cutters
Bug sprayer
Brush burner
Fertilizer, commercial-type
Gas can
Grass or hedge clippers, hand-type
Hand tools - axe, mattock, pick, pitchfork, rake, scythe, shovel
Hydroseeder, trailer-mounted, Finn T80
Lawn roller, towable
Lawn roller, walk-behind
Lawn vacuum
Leaf blower
Mall, splitting
Mulcher, trailer-mounted, Finn MSW18
Sod cutter
Straw blower / tailgate mulcher
Stump grinder
5 HP, rear tine, gas-powered
5 HP, pony rear tine, gas-powered
8 HP, rear tine, gas-powered
Bottom-drop, broadcast or shoulder-type
Commercial broadcast
Thatcher / Renovator:
3 HP
5 HP - 5.5 HP
Weed Cutter, String or Blade Type:
Small, electric or gas-powered
Large, gas-powered
Lawn & Garden Equipment






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