Miscellaneous Equipment

Are you planning on moving, and wanting to rent a dolly to help with the heavy lifting?  Holding a party and needing folding chairs and tables?  Do you need a metal detector?  Our miscellaneous equipment section has what you need.


Please call ahead before you plan to rent; not all equipment is available at all locations.


Air Conditioner, Portable:
Floor unit with exhaust hose

Banquet Table, Folding

Chair, Folding

Coffee Pot, Electric


Appliance dolly (hand truck)
Drum dolly
Drywall dolly, 4 wheel
Hydraulic pallet truck - 4,500 lb. capacity
Piano dolly, 4 wheel

Drywall Banjo

Drywall Lift

Gang Box (Job Tool Box)

Electric, 4" - 4 1/2"
Electric, 7" - 9"

Hitch Insert for Trailers, Reese:
Ball for Trailer Hitch
Reese Hitch Insert

Metal Detector

Pallet Jack, Electric, Walk Behind

Pallet Pullers

Power Grips:
For carrying plate glass

Walkie Talkies

NOTE:  We do NOT rent tow dollies for vehicular needs.


Miscellaneous Equipment






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